BUYING A static caravan

There are many potential uses for static caravans, above and beyond using it as a permanent or holiday home. Whether you require temporary accommodation during a house building project, an additional office space away from your home, or as accommodation for agricultural, livery yard or horticultural workers, etc., static caravans are the ideal solution.

Buy a static caravan

There are plenty of static caravans for sale around the country so why should you consider buying a static caravan from me?

Simple - I Buy Caravans to order.

Why not just buy a caravan from a dealer with a showroom / yard?


  • Cost. I do not need to make huge profits to cover the cost of keeping lots of caravans in a yard. I only buy 1 or 2 at a time.

  • Integrity and honesty. I’m from a professional background, choosing this as a second career. I’m not a slick salesman and will only let you buy a caravan that is right for you.

  • Quality. I carefully select the best value and quality caravans.

How do you work?

  • Simply give me your requirements, I’ll find a caravan, then send you pictures and a full description. 

  • You can inspect it yourself if you wish.

  • Sign the purchase order and pay a deposit.

  • I’ll arrange transport, with the balance being paid before delivery.


Some of the options to choose from when deciding on what sort of caravan to buy:


  1. Size, from 28’x10’ to most popular 35’x12’ right up to 40’x13’. 

  2. Quality. This will have most impact on your quality of life in a static caravan. Think cars – a Ford Fiesta or a Rolls Royce.

  3. Central heating and double glazing if you are going through a winter.

  4. 2 or 3 bedrooms, en suite

  5. Front patio doors

  6. Layout. Though most caravans are similar, in detail they vary a lot.

  7. Budget.  Obviously the more you spend the better caravan you will buy.