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sell MY static caravan

You want to sell your static caravan?

If you are in Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, Wiltshire contact us today.

People often ask me "How and where do I sell my static caravan?" If you've tried selling a static privately in the UK you may have found it is not that easy.  It is not something you think about when buying a static caravan in the first place.  Why would you when you are buying a dream?

Naturally, as a static caravan buyer, I am interested in buying your static caravan, subject to a full and frank discussion about its condition and usually subject to an inspection.

Static Caravan Parks generally make a lot of profit from their sales, which reduces the value of your caravan as soon as you have bought it, but I will always offer the best price I can.

So if you are in the counties of If you are in Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, Wiltshire contact us today, get in touch!

sell my static caravan

WHAT ARE THE Ways to sell MY caravan?

There are a number of ways you could sell you caravan at a higher price, but these also come with drawbacks.

The Park may buy it back, though generally they won’t pay any more than I will, unless they are particularly keen to obtain your pitch for putting a new caravan on and the associated extra profit they will make.  You may be able to negotiate a better price on this basis.

The Park may offer to sell it for you, but they will always try and sell their own vans first.

Sell my static caravan on pitch?

Assuming it still has some Licence left, you will obtain the best price this way, but:


  • You are looking for someone who wants your caravan on that pitch on that Park – a bit like a needle in a haystack.

  • You have no idea how long it will take and all that time you are paying site fees, etc.

  • You will most likely have to pay a hefty commission to the Park, probably between 10 and 15%, plus VAT.

  • You need to place and pay for adverts.

  • You need the time and inclination to show people your caravan, deal with timewasters and no-shows.  The hassle factor soon builds up.


Sell my static caravan to one of the large traders in used static caravans?

  • You will just be a number to them with minimal customer service.

  • Some of their reputations are not good.

  • Most people like to work with smaller businesses, where your custom really matters.

Why should I sell my static caravan to you James?

As the static caravan buyer you will be dealing only with me.  You have my name, my background and hopefully some confidence in me by then.  How many other web sites put someone’s name on it?

Hassle free service.  This is all about providing a service not just selling your caravan, since I will be resolving a problem you need sorting out.  I’ve bought and sold many static caravans; you have probably not yet sold one, so you need help and confidence in that help to ease you through the process.

Guaranteed value.  No attempt to unjustly reduce the value or deduct hidden fees.

Full payment before your caravan is removed from the Park.

sell my static

What happens next?

Please fill in the valuation form and I will be able to give you a valuation. 


If you are happy with the valuation given, I will inspect the caravan to make sure it is as described, though at this point you have agreed to sell it subject to the inspection.

Once inspected, we both sign a simple Sales Agreement. I then pay a deposit directly into your account.

You will then need to notify the Park, complete any of their paperwork and settle any outstanding bills.

I will liaise with the Park who will de-site the caravan for collection by my transporter, which is usually about 2 weeks after your paperwork is complete.

I pay the full balance before the caravan is removed from the Park.


Please fill in the static caravan valuation form below to get started, or simply call me on 07717 393363.

Your Details

Static Caravan Details

Thank you for your submission. I'll be in touch as soon as I can. James

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