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You have found the most honest and genuine static caravan dealer in the South West  – James Ostler who buys and sells static caravans in Dorset, Devon, Somerset, Hampshire and beyond.

I am the business, it is only me, though I do have specialist industry support for transporting caravans and advising on the static caravan market. I buy and sell static caravans in Dorset, Somerset, Devon and Hampshire though I will go further for the right caravan and the right person. I am all about providing excellent customer service for both buyers and sellers of static caravans.

I do not buy huge volumes of caravans but I do provide a personal service. If you want to sell your static caravan, simply give me a call and I’ll talk through the options with you.

I do not keep a large stock of caravans.  I generally buy caravans to order, so if you want to buy a caravan, just let me know what you are looking for and I’ll go and find one. It might be worth looking at the caravans I currently hold in case one fits your requirements - please see the Statics for Sale tab.

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about the company

I Buy & Sell Static is operated by James Ostler. Whilst James is a relative newcomer to the caravan industry, he has a wealth of business experience and of delivering excellent customer service.

There are many bad practices in the caravan industry, therefore coming from outside the industry means James came into it with a fresh approach based on his high standards of ethics and business practice.

This means he is 100% honest, will do what he says when he says.  There is no attempt to trick or cheat anyone and he expects the same in return.

James previously owned a pest control company, ran a health & safety at work consultancy and was a local government environmental health officer.  He continues to undertake some public health consultancy assignments.

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You want to sell your static caravan?

People often ask me "How and where do I sell my static caravan?" If you've tried selling a static privately in the UK you may have found it is not that easy.  It is not something you think about when buying a static caravan in the first place.  Why would you when you are buying a dream?

Naturally I am interested in buying your static caravan, subject to a full and frank discussion about its condition and usually subject to an inspection. Static Caravan Parks generally make a lot of profit from their sales, which reduces the value of your caravan as soon as you have bought it, but I will always offer the best price I can. 


So if you are in the counties of Devon, Hampshire, Wiltshire and beyond, get in touch!

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There are many potential uses for static caravans, above and beyond using it as a permanent or holiday home. Whether you require temporary accommodation during a house building project, an additional office space away from your home, or as accommodation for agricultural, livery yard or horticultural workers, etc., static caravans are the ideal solution.


I am a 79 year old lady, lost my partner of 34 years in April, and needed to sell my caravan on a site in Brean, Somerset.  


The site owners offered me a paltry amount which I could not accept.  I went on line and found James who was so helpful.  He has given me a price nearly three times as much and I haven't had to do anything.  My money went straight in my bank and he is removing the caravan from the site.  


I cannot speak more highly of the service he gives, especially to people like me who are tied to a site.  You can sell off site and James will help you with no problems.  Thank you James.

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